Reduce tyre wear by up to 50%
Correct tyre inflation is the main factor with tyre wear, not what you inflate the tyre with.

These benefits include:

  • The key benefits are a slower rate of pressure loss and cooler running temperature of tyres.
  • The molecular structure of nitrogen differs from that of air, in such a way that it escapes through the tyre’s inner liner or tube at a slower rate than regular compressed air.
  • The result is a dramatically slower rate of pressure loss in a tyre filled with nitrogen. For example, it might take up to six months to lose 0.14kpa with nitrogen, compared to just one month with compressed air.
  • Tyres inflated with nitrogen also run cooler than those inflated with air, with some significant advantages.
  • One such advantage is an improvement in tyre life of up to 20%, because by reducing the tyre’s running temperature, you can increase its tread life.
  • Improved road handling is another benefit that stems from cooler running tyres.
  • As tyres heat up, their inflation pressure increases, which then reduces the size of the tyre’s footprint – the area that has contact with the road – the tyre then loses grip because of this smaller footprint. So the cooler they run the better the tyres will grip the road.
  • Nitrogen should lead to reduced corrosion – because unlike air there’s no moisture in pure nitrogen