To ensure optimum tyre safety, only tyres that suffer a penetration in the tread area and meet the below criteria are repairable.

1. Puncture occurs from belt edge to belt edge on tread area (Green area, see table below).

2. Angle of puncture penetration is within 45° from the vertical.

3. Puncture is no larger than 6mm (10mm for TBR).

4. Tyre has not worn below 1.6mm of remaining tread depth.

5. Tyre has no visible sign of under inflation or runflat damage.

6. Maximum of 3 repairs with a minimum of 150mm between repairs (For RFT maximum of 2 repairs, minimum of 400mm apart).

NB: Penetration occurring in side wall (Red area) cannot be repaired .

String repairs must NEVER be used for “on road” applications. Do not repair a tyre which has already had a string repair, because you will not be able to tell if the structural integrity of the tyre has already been compromised. It is a legal requirement that all tyre repairs be completed to New Zealand Standard 5423 (or the equivalent British or Australian Standard) i.e. the repair procedure and materials of a reputable tyre repair supplier are used.