The iconic BLACKHAWK tire brand name originates from the strength, agility, speed and razor-sharp grip found in the powerful bird of prey itself. The full lineup of BLACKHAWK tire products are designed to symbolize the same adaptive attributes and confident characteristics as the fearless BLACKHAWK bird , in order to deliver inspiring performance for cars, trucks, crossovers and SUVs. Ruggedly tested to meet the highest of standards, the instinctive engineering behind our bold tread patterns and extensive use of complex rubber compounds allow drivers to command the road ahead and never look back. With BLACKHAWK tires, the road is your prey.


Our competitive BLACKHAWK brand believes in delivering great quality tires at fair prices with a wide range of car, truck, crossover and SUV products expertly engineered to match the performance of many major tire brands out there. Our products undergo vigorous testing to ensure they meet the demands of today’s drivers, as our global team of tire engineers never settle for less. Our mission is to earn your trust as a valued customer, as all BLACKHAWK tires are manufactured in state of the art facilities under a high standard of excellence.

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