Car - Hankook TYRE SPECIAL December sale

Founded in 1941 in South Korea, Hankook Tyres is now the 7th largest tyre manufacturer in the world. They are committed to excellence in safety, performance and reliability.The company makes several types of tyres that are suitable for a comprehensive range of vehicles including passenger cars, road vehicles, SUV’s, light and heavy trucks, vans and buses and also for global motorsports such as rallies and circuit racing. Hankook Tyres are designed to withstand conditions that are unique to hotter parts of the world. The Ventus series from Hankook Tyres is recognised as one of the company’s most popular and most innovative tyres.

Ultra High Performance: Hankook offers ultra high-performance tyres such as Ventus MEO1, Ventus Prime 2, Ventus RS3 Ventus S1, Ventus evo, Ventus evo2, Ventus Noble, Ventus V12 and Ventus evo. These tyres offer better traction and high durability.

High Performance: Hankook offers high-performance tyres such as Kinergy Eco and Ventus V2 concept. These tyres offer excellent traction but tend to be a bit less durable than the ultra high-performance tyres.

General Performance: Hankook offers general performance tyres that are ideal for city drives and short highway touring. The Enfren, Optimo H426, Optimo K415 and Optimo K715 are the Hankook’s most popular general performance tyres.