A vibrant brand of high quality tyres. Providing the ultimate in comfort and safety. Enhancing your driving experience and ensuring peace of mind.


Premium passenger touring tyre – perfect for those who live the city lifestyle.

  • All-season touring tyre designed for premium touring vehicles.
  • Superior tread pattern designed for a quiet, smooth ride.
  • Specially formulated compound optimised for long wear.
  • High void circumferential grooves offer excellent hydroplaning resistance.
  • Jointless spiral wound cap ply maximises ride refinement and durability.


Premium asymmetric high performance tyre designed for those who live safely in the fast lane.

  • Asymmetrical tread design for high performance capabilities.
  • Outstanding wet & dry traction.
  • Inside shoulder with high void ratio design provides excellent water dispersion.
  • Optimised tread block and pitch sequence offers a quiet, comfortable ride.


Premium 4×4 All-Terrain which ensures safety on and off the road – perfect for the country lifestyle.

  • Block tread design ensures outstanding off-road traction.
  • Open shoulder grooves for optimal water dispersion, and excellent traction and stability in wet conditions.
  • Wide tread footprint ensures safer braking and even treadwear.
  • Deep tread grooves ensure superior self-cleaning ability and prolonged tyre life.


Outstanding traction and optimised durability to ensure even the wildest off-road tracks are mastered with ease.

  • Enhanced shoulder construction which deflects and resists impact damage.
  • Deep tread design ensures prolonged tyre life and maximises grip capability in the toughest and muddiest conditions.
  • Multi-stage offset shoulder lugs for reduced highway noise, excellent shoulder strength and self-cleaning ability.
  • Advanced sipe design ensures superb off and on-road traction.
  • Premium heavy duty carcass construction for longevity and damage resistance.

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